Evoking a new way of thinking.

      Key Vocabulary: Volition

           Volition is the act of willing, choosing, or resolving; the exercise of willing.  Volition is will.

           The world of physics -- the world on which we base many of our notions of common sense and simple perceptions -- is world without volition.  But the world of humans (and of many living things) is a world where volition is almost constantly expressed and experienced.  If our notion of simple perceptions excludes volition, then we are excluding a key ingredient in our lives and in the contexts in which we find ourselves.


       "The concept of free will is central to our lives, as we make day-to-day decisions, and to our culture, in our ethical and legal systems. The very concept implies that what we choose can produce a change in our physical environment, whether by pressing a switch to turn out electric lights or choosing a long-term plan of action which can affect many people. Yet volition is not a part of presently known physical laws, and it is not even known whether it exists -- no physics experiments have ever established its presence." (Burns, 1999)

See: Burns, J.E., 1999, Journal of Consciousness Studies, 6 (10) pp. 27-47.